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Long Term Disability Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers ensure insurance companies follow through with their financial obligations. If you have long term disability insurance through an employer or have purchased disability insurance through your own insurer and cannot return to work due to injury yet your long term disability benefits are currently in dispute, our personal injury lawyers can assist you with your claim. If you are involved in an insurance dispute, our personal injury lawyers can help you reach a successful settlement. 

Long Term Disability Claims

In some cases insurance companies may deny or delay long term disability benefits due to insufficient proper medical documentation of your injury or illness as required by the policy. Sometimes the injury or illness does not meet policy criteria, the claimant did not claim within the specific time period or within the specific policy guidelines. You are required to document your illness or injury. This may include providing information from the medical professionals of their choice according to the terms of the policy. Our personal injury lawyers work ensure you are connected with the respected medical professionals you require to collect all pertinent medical documents to support your case. Our personal injury law firm believes in putting our clients needs first to ensure our clients receive their rightful compensation.

Personal injury recovery can be taxing emotionally, physically and financially. Having to navigate through the legal process to obtain your compensation may seem overwhelming. Our experienced and successful personal injury lawyers will assist you in understanding your long term disability insurance policy and your legal options. If you or a loved one is in currently being denied, or are seeking long term disability benefits, our personal injury lawyers will happily answer any questions or concerns about long term disability disputes and claims. Call Maruszki Law at (416) 645-7418 or toll free at 1-888-558-1688 today for your free consultation.  

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Who qualifies for long term disability:

  • Person(s) who meet your specific insurance criteria
  • Person(s) who are completely disabled and unable to perform previous work (depending on insurance policy)
  • Person(s) who are incapable of performing work for two years (depending on insurance policy)
  • Personal Injury Lawyer, Miguel Maruszki +

    Miguel Maruszki

  • Why Maruszki Law +

    Maruszki Law was founded with great insight into how insurance companies deal with injury victims. Miguel Maruszki spent the first part of his legal career as defence counsel to many major insurers at a leading insurance defence law firm in Downtown Toronto. Having an insider’s perspective allows Maruszki Law to take a practical and appropriate approach for each client’s case. Maruszki Law implements a strategic and tailored approach in developing and advancing the cases of its clients.
  • Our Lawyers +

    The lawyers of Maruszki Law have advocated on behalf of hundreds of clients, for both injury victims and also insurance companies. Our lawyers have experience from both the perspective of those injured and the insurance companies responsible to pay their losses. Maruszki Law takes this experience to advance their clients’ cases and ensure their injuries and losses are compensated appropriately.
  • Our Mission +

    The number one goal at Maruszki Law is help injury victims in their recovery process and to obtain the maximum recovery. Let us help you with your claim.
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