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Slip and Fall Lawyer

Our experienced slip and fall lawyers understand the impact a slip and fall accident can have on our clients and their families. We assist slip and fall accident clients to successfully receive the compensation they deserve. 

We treat all cases as if they were going to court, and in the event the case does not reach a settlement, we will assist in preparing your slip and fall lawsuit. At Maruszki Law, we work vigorously to ensure you receive the accident compensation you deserve. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, contact our personal injury lawyers so that we may begin your claim. 

Slip and Fall

If you were injured while on someone else’s property due to negligence or dangerous conditions, the land owner, business proprietor, or a municipality may be liable for your injuries. Slip and fall accidents often occur during winter time as a result of snow or icy conditions. Slip and fall injuries may also be caused by a hidden hazards such as a gap, wet stairwells, flooring, and sidewalks. 

Trip and fall injuries may include broken or fractured bones, soft tissue injuries, spinal stenosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic back pains. In a court of law, you will be required to produce medical evidence showing your injuries are a result of your accident. You are required to keep your regular doctor or medical professional as your medical history will be used to determine your appropriate compensation. You may also be asked if you were paying attention to any warning signs and wore the proper footwear in order to determine if you were responsible for your injuries. 

There are strict time limits in which a slip and fall accident claim must be filed. If the slip and fall occurs on City property you will only have 7 days to file a formal notice with the City. 

Our personal injury law firm will work closely with you and assist you in filing your slip and fall claim, advise you on your legal options, and assist in obtaining medical documents. Our personal injury lawyers understand the complex and ever-changing legal system can be confusing, and will work with you and help you understand all steps and proceedings during the legal process. 

The Maruszki Law team will happily answer any slip and fall accident questions or concerns you may have about slip and fall negligence insurance during your free consultation. Our successful and experienced slip and fall lawyers will assist you in receiving remuneration for lost wages, pain, suffering, and medical expenses.  From icy sidewalks that create unsafe walking conditions to negligence of the regular maintenance of exterior and interior shopping centres, our lawyers have served clients with a variety of slip and fall accidents accident scenarios. If you or a loved one has been injured due to dangerous or negligent conditions on someone else’s property, please call Maruszki Law at (416) 645-7418 or toll free at 1-888-558-1688. 

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What you need for your slip and fall claim:

  • Provide immediate formal notice 

  • Photographs of the area in which your injury occurred       

  • Medical documentation of your injuries

  • Proof of loss of income as a result of your injuries
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    Miguel Maruszki

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    Maruszki Law was founded with great insight into how insurance companies deal with injury victims. Miguel Maruszki spent the first part of his legal career as defence counsel to many major insurers at a leading insurance defence law firm in Downtown Toronto. Having an insider’s perspective allows Maruszki Law to take a practical and appropriate approach for each client’s case. Maruszki Law implements a strategic and tailored approach in developing and advancing the cases of its clients.
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    The lawyers of Maruszki Law have advocated on behalf of hundreds of clients, for both injury victims and also insurance companies. Our lawyers have experience from both the perspective of those injured and the insurance companies responsible to pay their losses. Maruszki Law takes this experience to advance their clients’ cases and ensure their injuries and losses are compensated appropriately.
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    The number one goal at Maruszki Law is help injury victims in their recovery process and to obtain the maximum recovery. Let us help you with your claim.
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